Company History
       Now a day, we may found that our lifestyle generally has been changed in anywhere. Especially our daily consuming behavior, which during the past time we have did plantation and cook by our own natural way. Obviously and currently we bought almost of our daily using food and drink from the market as convenience. Most of the consumers in the age of modern life never realized and beware on the safety food function, with toxic, chemical preservative and Haram contamination in many kinds of food and drink, which would be harmfully and caused of sickness both in suddenly effecting and in the long future. In the other hand any consumer product manufacturers are always thinking of how to maintain those food for longer time on shelf for their own benefits, as well as the consumers are also never realize of any quality and safety standard, even never pay more attention of that is Halal or Haram.
       Therefore our Toiyibun Foods was established on the year of 2007 in The Southern part of Thailand, Capital registration 38.80 Million. to product all kinds of food and drink product based on our principles and policies to be the same benefits and safe as our own consume in accordance to meet any standard requirement of our local and International needs.
       In the earlier stage of establishment, we were starting to produce and supply the pasteurize and sterilized of natural “SOY MILK”, brand named “LABAN SOY” and the variety flavors of FRUIT JULCE of “DEENI” brand to supply and distribute not only in our local area, but also our chain distributing to all over Thailand, and these modern day we proud to produce and develop our products from time to time of expanding to supply to the outbound Markets, especially in Asian and Middle East countries in appropriate to our vision of “We produce Halal Food and selecting Healthy and Safety Food to serve global nations”
We produce Halal Food and selecting healthy food for the all nations.
Quality Policy
Insist on a standard Meet customer needs Continuous product development
1.Produce good and healthy food products without artificial color and flavor.
2.To satisfy consumer needs at mast by selecting the beat raw material and using the modern technology.
3.halalun and toiyibun standard products and follow the Food safety regulations.